Safety, security and quality of life in the workplace and our communities concern us all, as dwindling government resources restrict the services offered by the police.

In response, Stinson Security Services is continually upgrading and expanding its range of professional services to meet the current and future needs of its clients.

Contact Stinson Security Services Limited at 519-673-1664 

WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR PEOPLE INTERESTED IN BECOMING A SPARE SCHOOL CROSSING GUARD!  Perfect work if you are retired and looking for a few hours a day. Please call the office to see if we have a corner close to you or come to the Stinson Security Office ASAP at 490 Oxford St. E. in London, to pick up an application.  You will need to have a vulnerable Police check done.

Do you have a corner where you think there should be a crossing guard? Please call 519-661-2500 ext. 4658.

Concerned that your crossing guard isn’t doing her/his job correctly? Please call the Stinson office at 519-673-1664

Mobile Patrol

For some clients, multiple exterior and/or interior checks of their site each night are preferable to a continuous security presence.

Home or Business Security

A member of the Stinson Security management team is available to attend your business or home to consult with you on methods of improving your security.

Vacation Security

Are you going out of town? Whether you will be away for a short or extended period it is always best to maintain the “lived in” appearance of your home.

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