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Rules and Regulations

The Ministry must be notified of any change of address within 5 business days.
Change of address forms can be found at the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services.

First Aid is mandatory before a new security licence will be issued. Emergency Level First Aid is required as part of the Basic Training Course. Stinson Security Services minimum is the standard or level C first aid/CPR.
The guard is responsible for the cost of training. Please see further information under "Are you Eligible?" section.
Currently licenced guards do not require First Aid/CPR to renew. Current Stinson Security guards that have First Aid are required to renew their certificates at their own cost. Some sites require a current Standard First Aid Certificate.

Use of force forms must be filled out any time there is force used or a guard touches another person. The forms can be found at the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services.

To carry handcuffs, a handcuff use of force certificate needs to be valid and updated annually. No guard may carry handcuffs without the training. Stinson Security guards may not carry handcuffs without the proper written permission by Stinson Security management. For more information on handcuffs, visit the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services.

The security guard must wear Ministry approved uniforms. It is against regulations to wear a security uniform other than to work, while on duty and on the way home from work. Personal outerwear such as coat, raincoat, sweater is NOT permitted; outerwear must also meet regulation while on duty.
Stinson Security has a uniform policy that also includes shoes, ties, belt etc. Any Stinson Security guard can contact the office for the specific policy.

The public can contact the Ministry with a complaint against any licenced security guard. The Ministry will investigate the complaints and can temporarily suspend a licence while the complaint is investigated. Upon completion of the investigation, the Ministry can leave the licence in place, give a warning, ask for a hearing or revoke the licence immediately.

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