Do I need a licence to become a security guard?

Yes, all individuals in the security field, including security guards, patrol, in-house security, bar security (bouncers) etc. must be licenced by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, The Private Security and Investigative Services Branch.

For new licence form or licence renewal form, please visit the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services

How do I get a Security Guard Licence?

The first three steps you must complete to obtain a NEW security licence are:

#1 Basic Training course.  Stinson Security has our own online course. The Basic Training course is 32 hours long and together with Emergency First Aid totals the 40 hours required by the Ministry of Correctional Services and Community Safety.  The Basic Training course and First Aid training must be completed together unless you already have a valid First Aid certificate.  Standard level First Aid is recommended. The Basic Training course is completely online and has sections of video conferencing.  It is based on the Ministry curriculum.  The Ministry has chosen Stinson Security as a ‘training entity’ based on the excellence of our course.  It is flexible so that it can be completed in increments and sections can be reviewed and re-done.  There is a quiz at the of each section.  The time required to complete the online course is up to the individual.  You have one year to complete it. Once you have completed this course you will be assigned a training/testing number.

Cost of the Basic Training Course including Emergency level First Aid is $300.00

Cost of the Basic Training Course including Standard level First Aid is $350.00

Cost of the Basic Training Course without first aid – you already have a valid First Aid certificate – $200.00

#2 The Ministry Test – once you have completed a Basic Training and First Aid course, you can book your test by calling 1-866-248-2555 and see  www.ontariosecuritytesting.ca for more information. The cost of the test is $75.15. This cost is NOT included with the cost of Basic Training and First Aid and is payable to the Ministry.

#3 – Once you have passed the Ministry test (minimum score of 62%) you can apply for a licence.



You MUST come into our office at 490 Oxford St E (located on the North side of Oxford, close to Maitland).  Business hours are Mon-Thur 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Bring proper ID.  You will be sent a confirmation e-mail, assigned a user name and password to log onto the site.  Unless you already have a first aid certificate, both courses must be complete before Stinson can apply on your behalf for the Ministry Training Number.  This is required before you can call to book an appointment for your test.  The test is booked through the Ministry of Correctional Services and is written at the MTO on Exeter Road, London.  The Basic Training course provides you with all the information required to pass the test.

How much is a new licence application?

For new licence applications, we do charge $35.00 for the process of taking your photo, preparing your ID, guaranteeing the information and completing the application.  For licence renewals, the fee is $85.00

How long is my licence valid for?

A renewed or new licence is 2 years. The renewal period for a new licence is 1 year.

Does Stinson help with the process or costs?

For individuals who wish to apply for a security licence,  Stinson Security will aid in the process for a $35 fee.  This fee includes taking your photo, guaranteeing the information, ID preparation and checking forms.

NOTE:  This fee is in addition to the $80 sent by an individual to the Ministry for licence processing.  The assistance from Stinson Security in this matter does not ensure that an individual will be hired by the Company.

Once you have completed Basic Training, written and passed the Ministry test, you may then apply for a licence.  Please see the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services link for direction on how to complete the application.

How do I renew my licence?

For current Security Guards that need to renew their licence, you will be sent a reminder with your pay stub to come to the office to complete the process.  You will need to call the Ministry at 1-866-767-7454 to obtain your PIN number and bring that with you as well as your ID to the office. As the Stinson office will sign as your ‘guarantor’ you must come into the office for your application to be completed. Renewal forms can NO LONGER BE MAILED but need to be processed at the Stinson office.  Notices from the Ministry for you to renew your licence will no longer be mailed to you so make sure you complete this process 2 months prior to you licence expiry date.

** Please don’t try to renew without assistance from the office as renewing on your own requires a scanner, guarantor and it’s a tricky difficult task. Please see Dianne Ferris in the Stinson Security Office.

NOTE: Photo expiry is every 5 years.

Are there additional costs?

Yes, on top of the fee for Basic Training and First Aid, the test cost is $75.15 payable to the Ministry.

Once you past the test, the cost of a licence is $80.00 and needs to be renewed every two years.

If I complete all of the training, am I guaranteed employment?

If you choose to go through this process with our assistance, there is no guarantee of employment afterwards but you will be on file should job opportunities come up.

Am I required to be First Aid certified?

First Aid is mandatory before a new security licence will be issued. Emergency Level First Aid is required as part of the Basic Training Course. Stinson Security Services minimum is the Standard Level or level C first aid/CPR.

New guards hired will have to agree to be responsible for the renewal of their first aid.

The guard is responsible for the cost of training. Please see further information under our Are You Eligible section.

Currently licenced guards do not require First Aid/CPR. Current Stinson Security guards that have First Aid are required to renew their certificates at their own cost. Some sites require a current Standard First Aid Certificate. Please don’t let your First Aid certificate expire or you will have to take the entire course again.

How do I apply?

You MUST  have a current valid Ontario Security Guard Licence in order to apply for employment. We always accept resumes either by email,  our online form or in person at the office at 490 Oxford St. E.  We will hire from our resume file before we advertise.

All Security Guards in Ontario are required to be licenced by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

Do you have a specific dress code?

Yes. The security guard must wear Ministry approved uniforms. It is against regulations to wear a security uniform other than to work, while on duty and on the way home from work. Personal outerwear such as coat, raincoat, sweater is NOT permitted; outerwear must also meet regulation while on duty.

Stinson Security has a uniform policy that also includes shoes, ties, belt etc. Any Stinson Security guard can contact the office for the specific policy.

Are there additional requirements?

In addition to the above you must also be at least 18 years of age and be able to be licensed under the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services guidelines for licencing and have proper forms of ID. See Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services for more details.

Stinson Security Services Limited requires employees to be fluent in the English language, flexible to work a variety of shifts (which includes some nights and weekend shifts) and responsible for transporting themselves to and from the work site (not all sites are on the bus route).  Experience is an asset although training is provided.   Many clients request Security Guards who are students or graduates of Law & Security or Police Foundation college level programs.  This education provides a good base for work in this industry.

Do I get to carry handcuffs?

To carry handcuffs, a handcuff use of force certificate needs to be valid and updated annually. No guard may carry handcuffs without the training. Stinson Security guards may not carry handcuffs without the proper written permission by Stinson Security management. For more information on handcuffs, visit the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services.